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Liga F – Spanish Women’s Football League

There are many popular football leagues across the world. The Premier League, Ligue 1, the FA Women’s Super League and more. One of the most popular leagues is La Liga. This is a Spanish league that has been going since 1929, with a global audience of over 650 million viewers. It holds some of the best players in Europe in a league format that demands a fierce, competitive edge in every game of the season. Derived from this is Liga F. 

Liga F was conceptualised to act as the female equivalent of La Liga, but over the last few years, it seems to have gone one step further. Women’s football has skyrocketed, with record-breaking viewing figures across the board and a newfound enthusiasm to get the game just as popular – if not more so – than the men’s. 

Created back in 1988, the attendance for Liga F was once low and for a number of years, games were not even broadcast. Today, however, Liga F has not only grown in popularity but it’s become one of the most popular women’s leagues in the world. 

So how did that happen, and what else do you need to know before watching the 2023 season? Below, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Liga F, as well as a few little facts and figures to know before watching. As always, however, we’ll start with the 101:

lIGA f – The 101

  • Liga F was started in 1988, but it’s had many different lives since then.
  • Throughout its history, it has been known as Liga Nacional, Division de Honor, Superliga and then Primera Division.
  • From 2011 onwards, the league has been played in a double round-robin tournament, with each team playing each other twice, earning points for every win and draw, before the champion – the team at the top of the table — is finally decided.
  • Since the league became fully professional – during the 2021-2022 season – it has been reduced from 18 teams to 16.
  • Since 2012, the teams have been: Alaves, Alhama, Athletic Club, Atletico de Madrid, Barcelona, Betis, Granadilla, Levante, Levante Las Planas, Madrid CFF, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Sevilla, Sporting de Huelva, Valencia and Villarreal. 
  • The league is home to some of the most talented and creative players in the world, meaning there are often a number of goals every match.
  • The teams themselves are also world-class, with Barcelona having appeared in three successiveUEFA Women’s Champions Finals.
  • With the league’s growth comes the growth of viewership, which is part of the reason we here at DAZN have launched a new package dedicated to making the league even more popular across the world.

A Little History Of Liga F 

The Late 19th Century

So where did it all begin? Well, as mentioned before, the league was founded back in 1988. Back then, it was known as Liga Nacional, formed of seven teams, including: 

  • Olimpico Fortuna
  • Puente Castro
  • Parque Alcobendas
  • Santa Maria Atletico
  • Valles Occidental
  • RCD Espanol
  • FC Barcelona
  • CE Sabadell
  • Pena Barcelonista Barcilona

Nearly ten years later, during the 1996 to 1997 season, the league was changed up a bit. Instead of Liga Nacional, it became known as Division de Honor, and the format meant that the league was divided into four groups. Each winner of the groups would then move into the playoffs, where they would play a semi-final and then a final to decide the champion.

Early 2000s

In 2001, the format was changed a third time. Instead of a group format, the league became a double round-robin, meaning each team would play the other twice – home and away – with the top team at the end of the tournament being named champion. In 2008, the league also grew from 14 to 16 teams, and then from 16 to 24 teams in 2009

The latter change, however, was not met with enthusiasm. Teams and players alike were fearing a decline in the quality of the competition, which eventually led to a change in format once again. This time, there would be three groups of 7 to 8 teams. Every team in a group would play each other twice, and then the top two of each group – as well as the two best third-place finishers – would go into Group A, with the other groups split into Group B and Group C. 

Every team in Group A – as well as the three best finishers of Group B and Group C — would then qualify for the Copa de la Reina, with the two best teams in Group A playing each other in a two-legged final to be named champion of the season.  

2010 to 2023

Later on, in 2011, this would be changed one last time. As the women’s game grew more popular, the group-based system was eliminated and replaced instead with something far more simple and easy to follow. Instead of the group-based system, teams would instead return to the double round-robin to decide the champion of the season. 

Whilst this worked well, there was concern over the working conditions and salaries of the players, which eventually led to them taking strike action in 2019. After reaching an agreement with the ACFF, the league returned to action and, in 2020, was granted professional status. 

In 2021, the league then became fully professional, with the number of teams reducing one last time to 16. In 2023, it is recognised as one of the best women’s leagues in the world, with many predicting that it could grow to even higher prominence over the next decade.

Liga F: Famous Players 

As mentioned before, one of the reasons that leagues like Liga F are becoming so popular is because of the amount of talent and skill that is on display. Amongst the best players are greats like Jennifer Hermoso. After winning her first senior title in 2011, she has been in and out of a number of Liga F teams, but the majority of her success has been with Barcelona FC, which she played for between 2013 to 2017 and from 2019  to 2022. 

Here, she has become the record all-time goalscorer, showing off her dominance with the ball and her attacking mindset in nearly every game. Although she is making a move to Pachuca, she has made an incredible impact in Liga F, and a return – specifically to Barcelona FC! – is surely on the table in the near future. 

Another player who will undoubtedly make an impact in the new season is Barcelona’s Alexia Putellas Segura. Aged just 29, she became the second-highest goalscorer for the team in 2022, with the second most all-time appearances. Earlier this year, she was also named the women’s footballer of the year at the FIFA Awards. 

We would also be remiss not to mention Priscila Borja Moreno, one of the best forwards that Spain has produced. She rose from the ranks of Seville’s CD Hispalis, joining Atletico Madrid in 2009, where she made a number of brilliant interventions to lift the trophy twice in just a few years. Although she retired in 2021, her 20-year-long football career is regarded as one of the most impressive in the women’s game, and she’ll undoubtedly be remembered in Liga F for a very long time.

A Fresh Season: Liga F 2023/24

The new season of Liga F began back in September 2022, and there have been plenty of fireworks since then. Right now, Barcelona FC remain in pole position, and it looks incredibly likely that they will take this championship by storm. But what about next season? 

As mentioned previously, there are a number of players who can drive a team – the reason Barcelona FC is performing so well right now is in no small part due to Asisat Oshoala, who has scored a total of 19 goals so far this season – so any new signings could make the difference when it comes to dominance in 2023/24.  

Having said that, Barcelona FC have long been a powerhouse of Liga F, and they’ve won the last three championships. This means that a team will need a lot of momentum and belief to knock them off their pedestal. Best-placed to do this, perhaps, is Real Madrid. 

They were runners-up in the 2020-21 season, and in the 2022/23 season, they proved themselves to be one of the most progressive teams in terms of tactics and attitude. Real Sociedad also have a good shout at the championship, especially with players like Maddi Torre tearing it up at the back end of the pitch, making the challenge of goalscoring almost 100% more difficult. 

Who exactly is going to win the next season is entirely up in the air, but one thing is for sure, the league is only going to get better and better, meaning the competition will get stronger and stronger. It’s fair to say that the next season – whatever happens – is set to be the best and biggest yet.

Liga F: DAZN Bet’s Pop Quiz

So, if the 2022/23 season is cruising to a grandstand finish, and next season is going to be the best yet, what else do you need to know before you tune in? Well, you already know a pretty great deal, but below are just a few more facts and figures to really get your brain into gear, ensuring you’re well set to enjoy the games with all the context you need!

Q: Who Has Won Liga F The Most Times?

A: As mentioned previously, Barcelona is the powerhouse of Liga F, especially since its rebirth in 2001. They have won a total of 7 times and been runners up 4 times. Behind them is Athletic Club, with 5 wins and then Atletico de Madrid, with 3. 

Q: Who Is The Best Ever Striker In Liga F?

A: Technically, the best striker to ever grace the field in Liga F would be Jennifer Hermoso. She is still the top goalscorer for Barcelona FC, and her grace and aggression with the ball are so far unmatched.

Q: Who Is The Best Ever Defender In Liga F?

A: There are a number of players who could take the cake as the most renowned defender in Liga F. Right now, however, Maria Pilar Leon Cebrian plays as a defender for – you guessed it – Barcelona FC,  and she is undoubtedly one of the best players to grace the club and the league itself. 

Q: Who Is The Best Ever Goalkeeper In Liga F?

A: Anyone getting a little bored of hearing about Barcelona FC? Well, cover your eyes. Right now, the most renowned Liga F goalkeeper has to be Cata Coll. Although she is still young and very much in the first stages of her career, she has already proved herself to be one of the most competitive and skilled goalkeepers in the league. Also, if you want a change of scenery, she did play the 2019-20 season on loan to Sevilla, so it’s not all about Barcelona!

Q: What Is The Fiercest Rivalry In Liga F?

A: Much like La Liga, one of the fiercest rivalries in Liga F has to be between Barcelona and Real Madrid. There is a lot of history between these two clubs, and the teams never fail to find the best in themselves and play an incredible game whenever they take to the field.

Q: Which Teams Have Never Won Liga F?

A: We talked before about how competitive this championship can be, but have any teams never won it? Well, yes, but that’s not to say they haven’t gotten close. So far, neither Real Sociedad, Real Madrid, Hispalis, Sabedell or Puebla have had a winning year. But, judging by the fact that both Real Sociedad and Real Madrid have been runners-up in recent times, that looks set to change pretty soon!

Q: Who Will Win Liga F In The Next Season?

A: Ah, the big question. We touched on this earlier, but we think it would take a very good team to beat Barcelona FC. They are fantastic in every department and look set to be the juggernaut of Liga F long into the future. But here at DAZN, we don’t mind taking a few risks with our predictions! We think it’s time that either Real Sociedad or Real Madrid won the championship, especially seeing as both of those teams will be enormously hungry coming into the new season. But who knows what might happen? With the league only set to get bigger and better as time goes on, it seems likely that any team could rise up the ranks and stake their claim as champion. As ever in football, we’re all just going to have to watch to find out!