Premium Blackjack Review

Premium Blackjack Review

Premium Blackjack is inspired by the classic casino table game blackjack, and has been brought to life as an online game by Playtech in 2018. This cleverly created version of this card game has a low house edge, optimal rules and a wide selection of side bets on offer to it’s players. All of the games aspects are highly appealing, including the interface, visual creativity, audio effects and most fundamentally the core gameplay. 

Unlike the classic blackjack, Premium Blackjack allows players to use multi-hand play, which enables then to gamble with anywhere between one and five cards concurrently, thus enabling a more dynamic and enjoyable game session. The game was originally released in 2018 by Playtech and its fun yet simple gameplay means that it is targeted at all levels of players, so lets take a more in depth look at what else it has to offer in this review.


What Are the Side-Bets Features?

Overall, this game is largely based on the standard blackjack variant, but software designers have chosen to add a range of side bets that increase the rewards for players and make the game a bit more interesting. These features are as follows:

  • Perfect Pairs’ (Dealer’s Pair / Player’s pair) Payouts: Placing a few side bets will satisfy your desire for more activity and also offer you a sizable payout. After the original deal, you can wager that either you or the dealer will get a pair. 
    • Pairing of a black and a red card: The odds are 6:1
    • Pairing of the same colour: The odds are 12:1
    • Pairing of exact same cards: The odds are 25:1.
  • The 21+3 Wagers’ Payouts. This depends on the combination of your first two cards and the croupier’s first card:
    • Flush: The odds are 5:1
    • Straight: The odds are 10:1
    • 3-of-a-kind: The odds are 30:1
    • Straight Flush: The odds are 40:1
    • Suited and 3-of-a-kind: The odds are 100:1 


Premium Blackjack – Winning Hands and Payouts

The list of the possible winning hands you might come across in the game (apart from the side-bets) and their standard payouts are:

  • Standard Winning Hand: The odds are 1:1.
  • Insurance: The odds are 2:1.
  • Blackjack: The odds are 3:2.

Every time you outscore the dealer with a higher score that isn’t a blackjack, you receive your original wager back along with an amount equivalent to it.


Premium Blackjack – Design and Music

Playtech’s game designers have done a great job at showing off their process in producing unique and aesthetically pleasing card games. No matter your level of skill or understanding of the game, Premium Blackjack is incredibly simple to play thanks to its refined and intuitive design. Further, utilising the Turbo Mode feature will quicken the card dealing for players who prefer a more frantic tempo.

The overall design emits a luxury feel, typical of many real life higher-end casinos. The game is set on the typical green felt casino table, with darker hues in the background elements such as the burgundy carpet and dark wood table base. To improve players’ gaming experience, Premium Blackjack is smoothly animated and includes fairly realistic sound effects that emulate typical casino noises. 


Premium Blackjack – Other Features

Premium Blackjack offers it’s players a totally imersive and authentic experience that they can engage in on both mobile and desktop formats. There are also a few additional actions that are available to the players to maximise their experience. These actions include:

Split: You have the option to divide the cards into two distinct hands when players overturn their first two cards and they have the same value, after which the dealer will deal one more card to each hand. In order to split, the player must make an extra wager on the newly formed hand that should be identical in value to the wager they made at the game’s onset.

Double: You have the option to double your bet before getting a third card, and once you have done so, a final card is then instantly dealt to you.

Insurance: You have the choice to accept insurance when your dealer gets an initial ace face-up; this acts as a shield for you against the dealer having blackjack and prevents you from losing your initial wager. Half of your initial bet must be placed in a separate space on the table as the cost of taking insurance. If the dealer has blackjack and you are insured, you will be paid out 2:1 (your initial wager plus the amount of insurance).

10-Card Charlie: It is possible to draw a total of 10 cards without going broke and this also stands true for when you have a split hand. This hand, known as 10-Card Charlie, always succeeds.

In Premium Blackjack You can place a minimum bet of £0.50 and a maximum of £500 whereas, the maximum payout you can receive is 100 times your bet. This is great because it caters to all budgets and so is suitable for both high and low-rolling players.


Premium Blackjack – Conclusion

Overall, Premium Blackjack is a great choice for players who enjoy classic casino table games or are looking to try something online other then slots. The game offers a staggering RTP of 99.58%, which is one of the best out there. As a result, this also makes the game a great option for seasoned players who are looking to try out something new and spice up their game, but it is still nevertheless a favorite for all types of players. 


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