Funky Pharaoh Spin Boost JPK

Funky Pharaoh Spin Boost Jackpot King Review

While you might have encountered a lot of traditional Egyptian-themed slot games that take you on an adventure to the mystic deserts and pyramids of Egypt, this slot from Blueprint Gaming brings you a funky pharaoh: a six-pack pharaoh sporting a sunglass and a cocky smile, to bless you with riches. Launched in 2020, Funky Pharaoh Spin Boost JPK is a slot with a 5×3 layout that promises returns as high as 50,000 times the original wager! With intricate graphics and Egyptian music, the game packs a complete punch for gamblers. Let us find out if the game is as funky as the pharaoh thinks he is, or if it’s just a facade.  


Funky Pharaoh Spin Boost JPK – Free Spins and Bonuses

To make each slot game unique and more appealing, developers come up with bonus rounds and features. Here are the bonus features that you can find in the Funky Pharaoh Spin Boost JPK slot game: 

  • Funky Wild Respins: This feature is triggered when the Funky Pharaoh Wild symbol appears fully stacked (forming the complete image of the funky pharaoh showcasing his abs and doing a little dance step) in reels 2, 3 or 4. The funky pharaoh also moves through the reels, which results in the multiplier value increasing by 1. The highest multiplier value that you can attain in the bonus round is x10. 
  • Funky Pharaoh Jackpot: When a Jackpot King symbol appears on every reel in the game (a total of 5 symbols), the Jackpot round is initiated. Players have to catch crowns, and you can spin a wheel of fortune when you collect 15 of those friends. The wheel rewards you with multipliers or any one of the three progressive jackpots. 


Funky Pharaoh Spin Boost JPK – Design & Music

When it comes to the graphics, it is impossible to not appreciate the hard work that has gone into creating such high-quality graphics. The reels are located in a beautiful background that displays a clear blue, sunny sky looking upon the desert, and gives us a glimpse of the river Nile flowing through the sandy landscape. 

When the bonus round is triggered, the landscape changes to a cool night sky, and we see the desert bathed in moonlight. But the most impressive graphics are reserved for the funky pharaoh himself. When the fully stacked Wild symbol appears on the reels, the pharaoh smoothly walks from one reel to another, which is pretty fantastic to look at. Moreover, he also shows us a little dance for all the symbols that line up on the reels. It’s nothing short of a visual treat watching the game play out with its top-notch graphics. 

The music of the game seems to be a nod to the popular song by The Bangles, “Walk Like an Egyptian”. It is a traditional Egyptian score and seems to transport the player to the dry terrains of Egypt. 


Funky Pharaoh Spin Boost JPK – Other Features

It would be a mistake to start playing a slot game without considering the various symbols and how they pay out. Here is how the paytable looks when 5 same symbols appear on the paylines: 

  • Funky Pharaoh: x50
  • Treasure Chest: x25
  • Scarab Beetle: x20
  • Eye of Horus and Key of Life: x15.0
  • A, K: x7.5
  • Q, J, and 10: x5.0

The Spin Boost feature of the game is one the most unique features that you might come across in slot games. The Wild symbol in the game appears in bits and pieces, which is not enough to trigger the bonus round. But when you use the spin boost feature, it nudges the wild symbol to move into the reel completely. So, a fully stacked wild symbol makes its way into the reel and sets off the Funky Wild Respins. 

The RTP of the game stands at 93.53%, which falls quite short of 96%, which is the industry standard for slot games. But the medium volatility of the slots ensures that wins are frequent. The betting range is quite low, from £0.1 to £5 only. This makes the game more suited for low rollers. 


Funky Pharaoh Spin Boost JPK – Conclusion

Funky Pharaoh Spin Boost JPK is a slot game that seems to attract players with its sheer grandeur. Even though it is a simple slot game, the moving symbols and the changing backgrounds are reminiscent of older video games. The RTP is not the best in the market and definitely hinders the popularity of the game. But it would be a shame to miss out on this game when payouts can go as high as x50,000. The Wild Respins and 3 jackpots further add to the charm of the game. 


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