Epic Ape

Epic Ape Review

Epic Ape is a progressive online slot game from Playtech that has numerous multiplier options offering hefty rewards. It was first released in December 2017, this tropical title offers simple yet engaging gameplay and is themed around 

This game quickly earned a name for itself as a fun arcade progressive slots title that could land you huge winnings. All players need to do in the game is set a betting amount, hit the spin button and hope for the right combinations.

The 4×6 reel set offers a total of 4,096 payline combinations for you to win as well as a number of enticing free spins and bonuses.

Pros and Cons

Every game comes with its set of good and bad features. So, let’s have a quick rundown of the same starting with the pros:

  • Simple to play
  • Low deposit requirements 
  • Medium volatility

The cons on the other hand are:

  • Low game RTP making it a low winnings game
  • Older version and has better substitutes now, hence is unappealing to seasoned players

Epic Ape Icons That Matter

The icons that matter the most and can give you a high win in the game are:

  1. Ape Symbol – Stack it on all reels to ensure maximum wins.
  2. Cheetah and Panther Symbols – These are considered as the second highest payout symbols.
  3. Frog and Chameleon Symbols – They are just as good as the panther and cheetah but offer marginally lower rewards.

How to Win at Epic Ape?

Winning at Epic Ape requires the determination and consistency of an Ape. What you must do to win at this game is stack the Epic Ape symbol. It gives the maximum payout of:

  • x6 – 300
  • x5 – 250
  • x4 – 200
  • x3 – 150
  • x2 – 40

Free Spins and Bonuses

Epic Ape has a ton of bonus features that will keep you engaged throughout. They are listed as follows:

  1. The Diamond Symbol: Here the diamond symbol signifies wilds. If you land this symbol your winnings get multiplied by x2, x3 or x5 at random and can substitute all symbols on the reels apart from the scatter symbol.
  2. Free Games Scatter Symbol: The free games scatter symbol is the one that will trigger a special round of the game if you land at least three of it. The symbol can trigger up to 100 free games and the way you can get these set of free games is as follows:
    • 3 symbols –  8 free games
    • 4 symbols – 15 free games
    • 5 symbols – 25 free games
    • 6 symbols – 100 free games

Epic Ape also has a ‘Free Games’ retrigger feature that can be activated by landing scatter symbols during a free game round, so while you’re at it you can land the scatter symbol again to retrigger the rounds over and over.

The game has a return to player percentage (RTP) of 95.9%, carries high volatility and also offers a maximum prize of up to x300 your bet.

Epic Ape Design & Music

The design and music of the game are quite intuitive and give off a markedly mysterious vibe. It features different letters and symbols along with the trademark sign of the Epic Ape. 

In terms of design the game is a mix of a classic slot game and a modern progressive slot machine, while the music also switches up to cooler and easygoing tropical tunes once the game is underway. 

We particularly liked this element of the soundtrack, helping to build your gameplay experience and engulf the player in the Epic Ape universe. 

Other Features

At first our hero the Epic Ape looks like King Kong and will remind you of the hugely successful movie franchise. But quite quickly the game turns into a bonanza of colours everywhere with numerous symbols and never-ending bonuses. 

The music seems to keep changing while the beautiful background of a serene Hawaii locks you into a world full of open oceans and a fresh, chilled vibe. The green overlay of the game is certainly peaceful and calming, reflective of the rainforest.

Overall, we believe that the game design is impeccable and intricate and we also faced very limited issues when trying out the mobile and tablet versions of the game.  


During our gameplay of Epic Ape, the slot worked well on quite low network requirements, which helped us to experience a magical yet fun game to its max. New players and experienced gamers alike will enjoy this one.

Epic Ape can be played along with all of our other slot games in our Slot Lobby