All Bets Blackjack Review

All Bets Blackjack Review 

All Bets Blackjack was released in 2020, and is credited for being the online game that put developer Playtech on the map in the world of Live Dealer casino games. The adaptation of the classic casino table game was a big hit amongst experienced players, as its not just any variation of blackjack, it offers side bet features that elevate the routine gameplay and make it more entertaining. Being an online game it is great for those who love the luxury feel of being in a casino and playing its classic, but being able to enjoy it from the comfort of their own homes.

So if you are a fan of classic casino games then read on to find out more about All Bets Blackjack and it’s online gameplay, features and design as we discuss whether or not it’s lives up to the hype that it is credited with.

All Bets Blackjack Live Side Bets 

The game is essentially a combination of different Blackjack games, as it provides 6 enticing side bet options for players. So, to engage in its gameplay, you must learn about these live side bets: 

  • Buster Blackjack: To succeed on the Buster wager, the dealer’s hand must be full of low-value cards. Your pay depends on the number of hits by the dealer before the showdown. 

For example, if you are holding a Blackjack and the dealer has all low cards, you win payouts in the ratio of 200:1. 

  • Perfect Pairs: Here, you bet on the possibility of getting two identical cards in your hand when the dealer deals. 
  • 21+3: It is a slight modification on the Perfect Pairs side bet, as it also factors in the dealer up-card. So, getting 3 matching Queens of Hearts, Clubs, and Spades will fetch you a payout ratio of 100:1. 
  • Top 3: Following the previous example, receiving three matching cards of identical suits ensures a payout of 270:1. 
  • Progressive: Making this bet allows you to claim the Progressive Jackpot feature. You win it upon landing 1 to 4 aces of the same suit. 
  • Lucky Lucky: If the values of the cards in your hand are added to the dealer’s up-card, and the result is 19 or 20, your payout ratio is 2:1. 

On the other hand, getting three matching sevens is an exception and awards you a payout ratio of 200:1. 

All Bets Blackjack – Design and Music

The game is designed flawlessly to create an awesome experience for punters. It follows the traditional Blackjack style and allows you to place wagers using chips of varying values. In fact, you can choose your denomination value from the box in the bottom left corner. The gameplay occurs as additional menus appear on the screen as follows:

  • Bet All Button: Allows players to cover all bets in hand. 
  • x2 Button: Lets players double their bets. 
  • Clear Bets Button: Removing the chips allows players to clear all their bets. 
  • Undo Button: Removes the last action on the table. 

Further, once you want to begin dealing cards, click on the Deal option. The casino table is neatly arranged to provide the perfect environment. So, all card dealings are made on a green-coloured baize. Also, the dealer’s voice covers the background to make the gaming experience more realistic. Thus, the slot design and sound effects enhance the highly immersive game. 

All Bets Blackjack – Other Features

Playtech’s exceptional power-packed game doesn’t have a tested winning strategy. However, we suggest you use the basic blackjack strategies to get started. Also, keep your eyes on the side bet options, which can rapidly intensify your rewards. 

The All Bets Blackjack game has a staggering RTP of 99.58%, thus, resting in the category of low to medium volatility games. However, different RTPs accrue to your game based on the side bets you choose. 

The game has two betting limit options as follows:

  • 1 to 10 credits
  • 0.1 to 100 credits.

Players can choose any of the two available options at the beginning of gameplay, depending on their bankroll. Thus, the game is inclusive, allowing all forms of gamblers to participate in the bet-making process. 

Moreover, punters can play the game on their laptops as well as mobile devices, as they are built using HTML5 technology that allows optimization of gameplay as per the screen size of your device. 

Alle Bets Blackjack – Final Word

The incredible Live Table game developed by Playtech has been a great addition to the lot due to its high payout options. The 6 thrilling side bet options are the real deals in this game, thus, making it a fun and unique options for fans of blackjack. 

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