Sunny Edwards vs Jesse Rodriguez 16th December at the Desert Diamond Arena

Sunny Edwards vs Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez Preview: “I’m going to make him look silly”

In the highly anticipated Sunny Edwards vs. Jesse Rodriguez match, two undefeated champions clash for a historic unification bout. Undefeated British world champion Sunny Edwards faces the biggest test of his career when he locks horns with undefeated WBO champion Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez for a blockbuster flyweight unification bout.

Edwards (20-0, 4 KOs) squares off against Rodriguez (18-0, 11 KOs) on 16th December at the Desert Diamond Arena in Arizona, with the winner taking home both the IBF and WBO flyweight belts.

After winning the IBF title in 2021, Edwards has clocked up four title defences, all by unanimous decision and faces the newly crowned champion Rodriguez, who picked up the vacant WBO flyweight belt in April after relinquishing his WBC super flyweight belt to step up a division.

Sunny Edwards’ Confidence Ahead of the Sunny Edwards vs Bam Rodriguez Bout

Edwards has been in a confident mood ahead of what represents a step up in competition and is relishing the opportunity to face off against a foe he considers to be a genuine pound-for-pound contender.

“He’s a top pound-for-pound fighter. I genuinely believe me and Bam are two of the brightest talents in World Boxing at the moment. I genuinely believe that. I think a lot of people that have seen our careers and trajectories are very similar. We’ve been career boxers our whole life. I think this is generally at our ages as elite as the elite can get and that it could be a special one to close out the year” Edwards said.

“I’ve been waiting for this event my whole life. My whole boxing career, definitely. They couldn’t run away anymore, and on 16th of December in Arizona, we’ll go to work. I think I’ve been in some with some very good fighters. Bam has definitely got a lot of hype and traction behind his career, but I’m looking to put a big stop to that.”

“I feel like he can’t come forward. I’m going to have him falling in all night, and I think I’m going to make him look silly in his backyard.”

Clash of styles Showdown in Sunny Edwards vs Jesse Rodriguez Match

Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez has been equally respectful towards the Brit but believes their extremely different styles both in and out of the ring will prove the difference.

“Sunny’s a great fighter. Every one of his fights I’ve seen he’s the one on the back foot, hitting and moving. Hit and don’t get hit. But I feel like he hasn’t face anyone like me, someone with good footwork, someone with determination to win. December 16th, it’s going to be a good one.”

“Of course, we’re two different people. He shows his confidence running his mouth, but I show my confidence in the ring. I never get my will broken. My last fight I had my jaw broken, still kept going for six rounds. So that just shows the confidence I have in myself. I know anyone I get in the ring with, I’m going to beat them.”

High Stakes: Sunny Edwards vs Bam Rodriguez Unification Bout

The Sunny Edwards vs Jesse Rodriguez fight represents more than a title match; it’s a critical moment for the flyweight division. You name it. Unified belts, unbeaten records, this is high stakes for two young and prolific prospects. One which Edwards believes will have a big impact on shining a light on the lighter weight classes.  

Edwards said “I do think it’s going set off a fire that’s going to ignite around the lower weights. After me and Bam -it’s going to be a big event with a lot of promotional eyes on it. Then everybody that we fight afterwards will benefit.”

“Everyone that jumps into the storyline will benefit off what we’re doing. This isn’t normal for flyweights. Headlining a big show, big build-up, flying to America for press and then coming back here. This is abnormal for flyweights.”

Fight Night: Sunny Edwards vs. Bam Rodriguez at Desert Diamond Arena

Details of the much-awaited Sunny Edwards vs Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez fight night are set, promising an electrifying atmosphere.

16th December at the Desert Diamond Arena, Arizona.

Event to start at 1am (UK), with main event expected from 4am.

Full card (subject to change)

  • Jesse Rodriguez vs Sunny Edwards (For the IBF and WBO world flyweight titles)
  • Murodjon Akhmadaliev vs Kevin Gonzalez
  • Galal Yafai vs Rocco Santomauro
  • Peter McGrail vs Ja’Rico O’Quinn
  • Junaid Bostan vs Gordie Russ II
  • Joe McGrail vs Edgar Ortiz Jr.

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