KSI VS Tommy Fury, and Logan Paul VS Dillon Danis Oct 14th 2023

Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis Preview: “It’s personal between me and him”

For a boxing contest between two fighters without a professional boxing fight between them, Logan Paul vs. Danis has rapidly become one of the most anticipated grudge clashes this year.

With Dillon Danis involved, it was never going to be an uneventful fight build-up, but his relentless trolling of Paul, since the fight was announced, has resulted in controversy, legal action and some serious bad blood heading into the fight. As the undercard fight for KSI vs. Tommy Fury, it’s bound to attract a lot of attention.

Danis is an MMA fighter and seasoned grappler who last competed in 2019 and has become infamous for his antics outside of the cage. This will be his first foray into boxing where he squares off against YouTuber and crosser star Paul.

It will be Paul’s first boxing fight since he took on GOAT contender Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition in 2021. He has also become a WWE star alongside his other media activities and Prime drink brand, launched alongside KSI in 2022.

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Will Danis show up?

Outside of the hostilities, much of the debate around the contest has hinged upon doubts whether Danis will turn up to the fight. Danis has a history of pulling out of fights, including withdrawing from a fight against KSI as recently as January 2023 over a dispute around a hydration clause.

In an attempt to mitigate the risks, Paul has a backup fighter on standby in former UFC and current Bareknuckle boxing star ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry, but also has a clause meaning Danis has to pay a $100k penalty should he pull out without a verifiable injury.

Speaking on the clause, Paul said “If he does end up pulling out and he can’t prove an injury, he’ll have to pay me $100k. He’ll never have a platform again, no fighting organisation, no sponsor will ever want to work with him again because he’s essentially just a liar. He has to show up.”

Going the distance

With so much conflict surrounding the fight, both sides are expecting to make light work of their opponent, with neither giving any thought to the idea that the fight could go the distance.

Speaking to DAZN Boxing, Danis said “I do like a good overhand and uppercut, but I’m not much of a boxer. I don’t want to show my shots too much, but he doesn’t know anything about me. I’ve never boxed so nobody has ever seen my striking”.

“He’s a singular shot fighter. It will be easy for me to throw combinations to beat him. He looks for the clinch, and I’m good in the clinch. So, I think it’s going to be my game in there.”

“It’s personal between me and him. When we get in there, he’s going to be coming at me with everything he has. I want the best version of him”.

UFC star Conor McGregor is a long-time training partner of Danis, and is equally confident of the outcome, particularly with him training Danis for the fight.

The Irishman told Matchroom Boxing’s YouTube channel “Dillon will win, for sure. I’m guiding him, I’m going to train him for this, and I guarantee a win.”

Paul has been confident of an early stoppage and believes Danis will wilt under the pressure of the event. “I don’t think it’ll go past two rounds, but I’ll be honest, if I get in there and I’m piecing him up, and I see quickly his skill level, I’m going to make him suffer for as long as I can. If I’m not worried about a rogue punch coming out of nowhere and hitting me, I’m a piece him up for as long as I can because this dude isn’t going to be conditioned for six rounds. He’s never been in a boxing fight before; he’s never been in front of this many people before.”

What’s at stake?

The main thing at stake in this fight is the opportunity to settle a very personal feud. However, both fighters have added additional unconfirmed stipulations, with Paul offering a $1m wager on himself to win, with Danis suggesting that he will take the bet in exchange for being confirmed as the best man at Paul’s upcoming wedding should he be victorious.

Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis Fight details

MF X Series 10

14th October

Watch live on DAZN

AO Arena, Manchester

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