Jake Paul vs Andre August Preview: “This is my road to becoming a world champion”.

Jake Paul makes his return to boxing in what has been, intentionally, his most understated fight build-up to date, especially compared to his previous high-profile events. This time, for the Jake Paul vs Andre August bout, Paul is focused on proving himself in the ring rather than through media hype.

On Friday 15th December, Paul (7-1, 4 KOs), meets Andre August (10-1-1, 5 KOs) at the Caribe Royale in Orlando. He views this as the challenge his detractors claim he has been avoiding, a pivotal match in the Jake Paul vs Andre August showdown.

Critics have often claimed Jake’s success is mainly against ageing MMA stars, and he’s yet to truly prove himself against a seasoned boxer, as seen in his split decision loss to Tommy Fury back in February.


Jake Paul’s Serious Approach to the Andre August Fight

After losing to Fury, Paul has bounced back with a points victory over MMA legend Nate Diaz but believes defeating active boxers with winning records is key to him legitimising his ambitions within the sport.

As Jake Paul gears up for his fight against Andre August, he emphasizes his dedication to becoming a world champion. Speaking in the build-up to the fight, Paul stated “This is my road to becoming a world champion. When I’ve said that and uttered those words, I think people took it as a joke or, ‘He’s just saying that to market himself or make himself a bigger fighter or ruffle feathers and get media headlines and stuff,’ but they didn’t actually think I was being serious.”

“I’m dead serious. That is what I’m going to do and this is the step in that direction. We’ve done the big pay-per-views. We’ve generated $200 million in sales, and this is now taking a step back from business, MMA fighters, and big names. To just grow my experience, stay sharp, to elevate my level of opposition and to fight real pro boxers who have been doing this their whole life.”

“He’s more experienced than me. He has more knockouts than me. He’s 10-1-1 and he’s going to come to fight.”

Andre August on Facing Jake Paul: Hunger vs Fame

While August does offer Paul the opportunity to claim a much-needed win against a professional boxer, he only has one fight in the past four years, a unanimous decision victory over Brandon Martin back in August. Prior to that point, his previous fight was in 2019, where he had been extremely active with just a single loss TKO loss against Eric Abraham in 2018.

Despite being the less active fighter of the two, August believes Paul’s wealth and celebrity status means he lacks the hunger of other fighters and that will be the difference.

“Jake Paul has the money, the fame, the team and the resources but he doesn’t have my hunger. I don’t talk very much. I’m all about that action. When that bell rings, I am going to go straight to Jake Paul and ring his bell and send him back to YouTube for good”, said August.

Jake Paul vs Andre August: High Stakes for Both Boxers

The Jake Paul vs Andre August match holds significant implications for both fighters’ careers. It remains to be seen whether Paul’s opponent selection will placate the wider boxing community but there’s no doubt that an emphatic victory over a professional boxer with a 10-1-1 record would be a great building block of credibility and could propel a genuine journey in the sport.

For August, the opportunity is a good one. He’s been out of regular action for a while and arrives with little expectation, so the media attention he would gain from a knockout victory – and being the boxer to finally teach Jake Paul the lesson many boxing fans are hoping for – could be life-changing.

Jake Paul vs Andre August – Full fight details

The details for the Jake Paul vs Andre August fight are eagerly awaited by fans, setting the stage for an unforgettable night.

15th December at the Royale Caribe in Orlando.

Event to start at 1am (UK), with main event expected from 4am.

Full fight card (subject to change)

  • Jake Paul vs Andre August
  • Shadasia Green vs Franchon Crews-Dezurn – for vacant WBC super-middleweight title
  • Yoenis Tellez vs Livan Navarro
  • Elijah Flores vs Javier Mayoral
  • Lorenzo Medina vs Joshua Temple

Full card available to watch on DAZN.